Tangosh (Single -Radio Edit)

by The Shak & Speares




There where we dance
We got some friends
Not a show at all

There where we dance
I call my friends, now
“Why won’t you come?”

There through that glance
I saw my friends
Shouting out their call

There where we dance
We come my friends, now
Not far at all

you know I ain’t no angel!
I’ve always needed more!
There’s nowhere else to go, I mean it yeah!
You know I ain’t no angel, for u…
No more, no more, no more I let them go!

Up to those waving stars
I hope I have braver thoughts
I hope I am one of those
but I don’t know why at all

Oh when your fence
Or crumbling hands fall
Save from your faults

Oh when you dress
With drops of tears
You won’t be cold

Oh when they play
To wicked games
No, it’s a brainstorm

There where we dance
We got some friends
Not a show at all


released April 4, 2013
released 30 December 2012

Labels - Freakhouse Records - Happy/Mopy Records
Recorded at Mono Studio in Milan, on September 2011.
Mirko Iapicca - Artist Pruducer, Head Engineer
Matteo De Marinis - Artist Producer, Head Engineer
Ale Izzo - Assistant
Ercole Longobardi
 - Mix Engineer
Francesco Fontanella - Mastering Engineer

The Shak&Speares - www.theshakandspeares.com
Freakhouse Records - www.freakhouse.it
Happy/Mopy Records - www.happymopyrecords.com



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The Shak & Speares Italy

There is Marlowe Family goin’around with a circus gang. They have no destination but they know the direction. This musical journey is made to move…to move bums, souls and cactuses. When a circus arrives in town, nobody wants to know where it comes from, but everybody wants to see the balance on the edge and the imbalance on the sand. Everybody wants to hear the shout after the silence... ... more

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